Rigoberto Rodriguez | Crafty Virtuoso & Sole Man

“Rigo” is a real-deal 4th-generation shoemaker who started his 40-year career at a precocious 12 years of age. The son of of an Italian mother and Spanish father, it was his mother’s father, his Italian grandfather, who took him under his wing. Rigo was quickly introduced to a rich world of leather working, repairing and the making of purses, bracelets, chokers, and fine leather shoes, of course.


The first pair he crafted from scratch was one of a traditional English cut - closed stitched brogue Oxfords - you know, the ones with the fancy, decorative leather perforation details. Rigo also studied orthopedic shoemaking in Cuba, and believe it or not, he loves to work on cowboy boots. His passion, however, is that of bespoke custom shoemaking. He spent 10+ years with Jack Roger making luxury sandals in Hollywood, and today, he prides himself in leaving all varieties of shoes like-new.