Our Mission.

Peacefully Protesting Dirty Shoes

Our first order of business is making sure you look fantastic, and clean, from head to toe. When one goes to such lengths to shower daily and dress in freshly laundered clothing, why on earth do so many of us leave our shoes in a less-than-presentable state? We are here to plead with you to stand tall, to stand proud, to take pride in strides, and celebrate your crispy kicks, as serviced by us, in leaps and bounds.

Bold Shoemakers, Longevity Experts

The Cobblers prides itself in ‘shoe rescue’ while fostering a symbiotic marketplace where select sneakers may be authenticated, restored, and given new life, either with their original owner, a resale buyer, or through a secondary vendor-dealer.

Crafted for the Journey of a Lifetime

We proudly mend the shoes of the masses. We save your shoes from their tragic death. We bring your dirty and damaged footwear and accessories back to life with our unprecedented mix of services: fast and friendly shoe repair, innovative footwear cleaning methods and head-turning shoe and sneaker customization.

No Telling Where Your Shoes Will Take You

But The Cobblers will help get you there. Our groundbreaking footwear concepts aim to bridge the gap between classic dress and underground "sneakerhead" culture around the world. Your precious shoes are our business. Where you decide to go with them is yours.