Is there a designer print or logo more iconic than the double G? At The Cobblers, we restore Gucci loafers, sneakers, handbags, wallets, belts, and more! Sought-after Gucci services are strap replacement, re-edging, patch work, refinishing, resoling of shoes and deep cleanings. We service your Marmont bags, Jackie bags, duffle bags, backpacks, belt bags, loafers and tote bags. However, our Gucci offerings don’t end here – send us some pictures below to get a repair quote from one of our luxury sales associates.
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Gucci Repair & Cleanings

Why Choose The Cobblers?

Who we are?

The Cobblers is a digital store front connecting you to our network of top artisans across the country. We virtually evaluate your job and find the right expert based on the brand and the repair services needed

Luxury First

We work with a lengthy list of designer brands and vintage collector’s items. We pride ourselves on our luxury restoration knowledge, top quality repair materials, and of course, the art of the craft.

Why Choose Us

The list of repair services we offer is extensive. There is no job too difficult. You can rest assured that you will have a white-glove experience with our knowledgeable sales experts, concierge pick-up services (link to: Roadie Page), and hassle free send in options.

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Gucci Repair and Cleaning

How long do your repairs take?

Repairs take any where between 30-60 days from receiving date depending on the difficulty of the repair. For some more extensive restorations, we do have to order new hardware or special leather.

What type of materials do you use?

We source the finest quality leathers and match grain and color as exact as possible to the original. We are experts with luxury goods and have the best resources when it comes to leathers.

Do you re-dye bags and shoes?

Yes, we do. We will need to evaluate your item via video call or pictures to understand the material of the item and if dye will take to the item.

Where are you located?

The Cobblers is a network of artisans around the country with specialization in luxury goods. You can ship us your items from anywhere in the USA. We will route them to the artisan best equipped for your job!

How is the price determined?

We determine pricing on an item basis. Every item is unique and requires different materials and special attention to detail. We do our best to provide a quote that takes the customer’s overall goals into heavy consideration. Our quotes include a menu of all the services required to get your item feeling refreshed.  It is up to you on how much or how little you want to go forward with.

When do I pay for my repair?

We now require a small deposit upfront to get your order started. The remainder of payment is due once the work is completed. We will send you an email with a payable link once it is ready to be returned!

Do you have a physical store that I can drop off at?

Yes, come visit us in our Miami Store or Boca Locations!