Our Story.

A New Breed of Cobbler Walks This Way

The Cobblers hurls a respected ancient craft far into the 21st Century with an unprecedented mix of products and services. We’re here to to satisfy the rapidly growing need for traditional cobbling methods - as the traditional “cobbler" has become something of an endangered species - as well as to meet the seemingly insatiable demands of an explosive sneaker enthusiast culture around the world.

The Best in the World: Recrafted to Last

The Cobblers gives rise to a new cultural movement by empowering you to replace manufacturers’ dusty and antiquated linear approach of “Make, Use & Dispose” with a more thoughtful, cyclical “up-cycling” approach, so you can “Keep, Customize, Restore & Reuse” two of your most precious and self-defining accessories: your footwear and your handbags.

Step Up Your Shoe Game: Invest in Yourself

Our innovative restoration and fast approaching trade-in offerings enable you to keep your shoes and handbags in use for as long as possible, to extract the maximum value from them while using them, as well as recover and regenerate their value at the end of their lifecycle.

It's What We Live For

The Cobblers believes in keeping both you and your kicks “fresh to death” so your footwear can run all day, party all night, never grow old and never die.

For All Walks of Life

Let us bring your favorite shoes back to life so you can walk away in miraculously "store fresh" kicks at an unbeatable price. For men, women and children. For anyone with a pulse, a pair, and a palette for the impervious.