• Repair Services

    We keep your shoes looking and performing their best while saving you big bucks, and keeping you mint for miles.
  • Cleaning Service

    Among our highest sartorial aspirations is that of helping you fight against the tyranny of dirt and destruction.
  • From ashy to classy

    Revive your favorite kicks. Let us bring them back to life so you can walk on in squeaky-clean, store-fresh shoes, of any kind. The results are remarkable.

  • Titans of the trade

    Each of our restoration projects is handled entirely in the USA. Our choice cleaning products, repair materials and thoughtfully selected accessories are unquestionably the finest and most coveted on the market.
  • Revive your Sneakers

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  • Think clean. Think green

    The global footwear industry produces 23 billion pairs of shoes per year. 95% of these end up littering landfills. That, and the production of just one pair of new shoes expends 495oz. of CO2 into the air we breathe. 

    Need new shoes? Revive the ones you have! We turn 'waste into wonderful' while reducing your carbon footprint.

  • In Fresh we trust

    Your style is your stamp. Your signature. The part of you that dresses to meet - perhaps conquer - the world.

    Let's keep your shoes looking sharp and in tip-top shape so you can face the world with your best foot forward.

  • Masters of the craft

    We provide expert cleaning, repair, restoration 
    and customization services for most all sneakers and high-quality leather goods including women’s and men’s shoes, handbags, and select leather garments (additional charges may apply).