Think Clean. Think Green.

Waste into Wonderful

The global footwear industry produces 23 billion pairs of shoes per year. 95% of these end up littering landfills. That, and the production of just one pair of new shoes expends 495oz. of CO2 into the air we breathe. Think you need new shoes? Think again. We'll work wonders with the ones you've got for a fraction of the cost, "up-cycling" your shoes to make our world a greener place.

Revolutionizing an Entire Industry

The Cobblers lets you keep your valuable shoes longer. While you make an admirable statement in conscious consumerism. You can pat yourself on the back for discovering our revolutionary footwear restoration methods.

Make a Clean Getaway, Like an Eco-bandit

Think less waste and cleaner air, plus the very real opportunity to keep your prized pair of shoes as part of your winning repertoire. Why bother replacing old good things when we can bring them back to their original state for less a new pair!