Silvia Garcia | Color Ninja & Mother Hen

Silvia began her journey to The Cobblers’ headquarters as an immigrant to U.S.A. from Minas Geraes, Brazil, an obscure place of vibrant culture - perfect to inform her invaluable capacity as a “color specialist” at The Cobblers. Her life-story tells of ambition, driven aspiration and mostly love of a very old craft, particularly special in our day. Silvia comes with a strong foundation and background in fashion design, and a knack for painting, experimentation, and color-matching.


She is multi-faceted but does exceptionally well to re-dye and re-finish any variety of damaged leather goods. Whether by water, scuffs, scrapes, or pen marks (a common societal dilemma), her ability to mix and match colors, refurbish purses, shoes, belts, or any fine leather goods is something her colleagues at The Cobblers and their clientele hold in high esteem. She is also a skilled seamstress. Then, fthat vibrant disposition, and funny enough, those eyes - yellow, green, and blue “cat-eyes”.