Masters of the Craft.

Titans of the Trade

We provide expert cleaning, repair, restoration and customization services for most all sneakers and high quality leather goods including women’s and men’s shoes, handbags, and select leather garments.

A Most Credible Authority

We apply the craft of excellence. Each of our restoration projects is handled entirely in the USA. Our choice cleaning products, repair materials and thoughtfully selected accessories are unquestionably the finest and most coveted on the market.

Evolve or Die

At The Cobblers, we pride ourselves in where we've been and where we're headed, in every step we've taken to get where we are today, and every move we make in the direction of growing wiser so as to best serve the rapidly changing demands of our ever evolving world. You'll be hard pressed to find another "shoe repair" company that offers as many different services and disciplines as The Cobblers.