Derrick Winje | Sneaker Guru & Special Ops Force

Starting, his was still very much a small business. A team of two, Raleigh Restorations consisted of Derrick and his wife Corley. The standard wass set by the quality and re- sources of a large company, while still focusing on those personal small business touches that make the difference. Derrick began restoring his own sneakers in 2010, then started buying used shoes to restore and "flip". Nine years passed and he still does what he loves, but a little differently..


You may have noticed that their focus recently shifted onto teaching the art of sneakers. Derrick believes that instead of trying to restore and customize everyone's shoes, a greater service could be rendered if others are taught to to do what he does. Then the eco-friendly aspect would expand throughout entire communities. His joint venture with The Cobblers is a product of this culture and Derrick is still doing his best to give back and grow a like-minded community together with The Cobblers - one that we so dearly hold fondly.