Product Instructions.


Ice Cream by far is the most effective oxidation remover on the market, combined with our methods you're GUARANTEED to get results! No risk of sole separation, and shoes can ice while your asleep, away from home, or doing other work! With minimal time and effort you'll be icing soles in no time! Watch the tutorial now for details!


Midsole Magic is one of the safest ways to strip those tough midsole paints that just don't seem to budge. We've formulated the product only to interact with the paint, when the midsole magic makes contact with the EVA foam midsole (or other), it neutralizes thus not damaging the midsoles! Check out the tutorial video to learn more.


Need your customs to stand up to the wear? Need a finisher that's a bit stronger than what you've tried? Scratch Resistant Sealer is the most versatile protective finisher! Cleats, rubber, plastic, boost, leather and more! Watch the tutorial to see what all it can do for your customs and restorations!