Expert Shoe Repair Services Our precise and professional shoe craftsmanship works wonders to refurbish your precious Air Jordans or Louboutins, whether they need a tune-up or a total overhaul.

  • use-longer
    Keep Walking
    Extend the life of your most extraordinary sneakers, shoes, boots, sandals, and what have you.
  • save-money
    Stay Original
    The Cobblers preserves the integrity of your shoes, respecting original silhouettes and designs.
  • keep-fresh
    Step It Up
    We'll take your stilettos to new heights with a more comfortable heel, insole, or customize anything you wish on your terms.
  • kill-bacteria
    Immortalize Them
    Preserve your faves or get expertly recreated replicas of discontinued styles no longer on the market.

The Word on the Street The Cobblers really lives up to the hype !

Frequently asked questions Puzzled? Confused? Bewildered? It happens. If something has you stumped, have a gander at the answers below!

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