EXPERT SHOE PROTECTION SERVICES Our sneaker and luxury leather care offerings work wonders to properly maintain your shoes' life, while enhancing yours.

  • use-longer
    Walk Freely
    Through snow and salt and puddles and fire, ahem, or just your everyday construction site, unscathed and unharmed.
  • save-money
    Keep Cool
    And dry, and pretty and stress-free. With our special protective products, you're on another planet. It never really rains on our turf.
  • keep-fresh
    Keep Fresh
    Your shoes will always look brand new with our specially formulated waterproofing and scratch resistant treatments.
  • kill-bacteria
    Cash In
    The money you'll save on new shoes could add up to your next holiday trip, or even better pair. Cha-ching!

The Word on the Street The Cobblers really lives up to the hype !

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