shoes repair service

  • Custom Resizing & Bespoke services

    Need a good shoe stretching or resizing? No problem. We also offer boot calf stretching and take-ins should you need to loosen up or tighten up!
  • Sole & Bottoms

    Our leather soles last three times longer than any other leather soles. The Cobblers only uses the prime 10% of the entire usable...
  • Color & Reconditioning

    We specialize in adequately restoring leather, suede, fabric, satin, as well as a number of exotic skins. We can recondition and accurately re-color most any ...
  • Leather Repair

    In order to achieve the perfect finish, we rely on a number of secretly held tricks of the trade to accurately match the color, texture ...
  • Scratching

    After we’re done, the only thing you’ll be scratching is your head. Our shoe scar removal techniques are absolutely head-turning.
  • Insoles & Heel Counters

    Get new leather insoles and we will match the color of your original insoles. This is also a great way to go if your heel counter has lost its shape ...
  • Leather & Rubber tips

    We carry both strong leather and rubber tips, as well as metal and rubber plates to save your new shoe edges, original soles, heels and shoe toes.
  • Shoe Heel Repairs

    Repair your leather, rubber, foam and English heels (the combination of leather and rubber). Build them up, or shorten them. Heel protectors also available.
  • Re-Glueing

    We’ll fix your precious sneakers’ outsoles, uppers, or midsoles. We also offer a full re-glue, if necessary.