Shoe Waterproofing & Protective Care | The Cobblers

  • Waterproofing

    Protect and prevent damage to your favorite kicks with our advanced hydrophobic solution.
  • Premium clean

    Get “The Cobblers Treatment” for a deep, top-to-botttom, insideout, cleaning. Includes detailing of upper materials, soles, insoles and/or sock-liners and laces.
  • Standard clean

    Get a quick refresh to touch-up your lightly-worn, everyday footwear. For deep stains and soiling, choose our "Premium Clean” service.
  • New insoles

    Replace your old and worn out insoles with fresh, premium comfort.
  • Sole protectors

    Prevent wear and tear to your shoe bottoms with a thin layer of added protection. Keeps your soles looking fresh.
  • Sole oxidation & yellowing removal

    Restore those translucent or “icy soles”. Also works great for your solid-colored rubber soles.
  • Leather scuffs, scrapes & abrasions

    We’ll make them disappear! With our closely guarded, innovative restoration methods.
  • Sneaker midsole repaint

    We take extra special care to ensure accurate color matching. 
  • New laces

    To complete your restoration, replace those knotted-up, frayed and dirty shoestrings with highest-quality laces.