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Midsole Magic

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Ever had a midsole that you couldn't fully strip? Or maybe the paint just doesn't want to budge? Midsole Magic was formulated to work on those stubborn midsoles! Simply apply, wait 15 seconds, and "wipe" away the paint to reveal smooth, undamaged midsoles every time!

Think of how long stripping midsoles takes you. Now think of having those stripped in 5 minutes or less with no damage! This product will literally make you money the first time you use it, because time is money in this business!

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Product Instructions

Midsole Magic is one of the safest ways to strip those tough midsole paints that just don't seem to budge. We've formulated the product only to interact with the paint, when the midsole magic makes contact with the EVA foam midsole (or other), it neutralizes thus not damaging the midsoles! Check out the video for more details on the entire process and how easy it can be!

Great Results
Great Results

Think of how long stripping midsoles takes you. Now think of having those stripped in 5 minutes or less with no damage! This product will literally make you money the first time you use it, because time is money in this business!

Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself

Always feel free to email, DM, or message us if you have a question about a specific shoe or material on which you'd like to use Midsole Magic

The Word on the Street The Cobblers really lives up to the hype !

Frequently asked questions Puzzled? Confused? Bewildered? It happens. If something has you stumped, have a gander at the answers below!

Who does all the “cobbling” and cleaning?

We, The Cobblers, do! Don't worry, we’re not sending your shoes anywhere shady!


Our hand-picked family of “cobblers” wields a combined legacy’s worth of cobbling expertise. Both in traditional, classic stylings (with a modern mind set), and worldly sneaker sensibilities; The Cobblers repairs, restores, and customizes all walks of footwear by its secretly held traditions and effectively updated practices.


You’ll be hard pressed to request something that is out of our scope; our Master Cobblers and Sneaker Specialists come in a number of disciplines, and have seen it all. Show us the shoe, and we’ll show you the way.


All work is performed by The Cobblers in the continental U.S.  

How long will it take to get my order?

Once your items arrive at our repair facility, turnaround time is between 15 days to 30 business days depending on the service we need to perform. Shipping typically accounts for about 2-3 days each way, although times can vary.


Wondering or worried? Just check the status of your order. We’ll reach out when we receive your items, and we’ll contact you again with a tracking number once your restoration has been completed.

What exactly is a “cobbler” anyway?

Very simply put, a “cobbler” is a person who expertly mends or makes shoes, and quite often, various other leather goods.


The Cobblers (that’s us) takes the ancient craft to another level — repairing, restoring and customizing all variety of contemporary footwear. This includes those prized and collectable designer sneakers that you want to keep looking “out-of-the-box” fresh, or those trillion dollar runway-ready “lifestyle” shoes that look like they’re from the future but fall into your everyday footwear category. We get it. They’re important to you.


We’ll handle your trophy pair(s) with care, as well your entire everyday rotation of footwear and handbags. And resurrect that old, retired pair of what have you that just needs a little dusting off and some fresh air. Whatever’s in your repertoire, The Cobblers steps up to the plate servicing sneaks, classic and traditional dress shoes, stilettos, boots, casuals, flats, sandals, you name it. For men women and children. For all walks of life.

What makes The Cobblers better than any other shoe repair service?

Our innovative cleaning and repair methods help us to best service today’s shoe care requirements while meeting your most exigent of modern sartorial needs. What’s more, our state-of-the art processing facilities and convenient Ecommerce platform(s) afford expeditious client fulfillment and optimal convenience for people everywhere. That’s you. And the rest of our well-dressed community by whom The Cobblers is rapidly meeting its mission: to change the way we all keep our kicks, our pumps, our best foot forward.

Where is The Cobblers located? Do you have any stores?

We’re proud to be based in Magic City, Miami. That’s where you can visit our showroom headquarters and processing facility. We’re soon opening concept stores at Bal Harbour Shops and Aventura Mall. If you're nearby, we'd love to have you visit one of our locations. More info can be found here. We look forward to meeting you!
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